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Welcome to The B Company, where positivity, passion and experience cross-pollinate

to promote your project, generate BUZZ, and keep you motivated! We offer consulting, writing, branding, PR, Publicity, Social Media, Website Design and a variety of Promotions! Make an appointment to chat with us via the "Consultation" tab.


Would you like to interview or write about our artists or music?  All projects featured above are represented by The B Company, please send a request via the Contact Us page.


The excitement is building for the 61st GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles, The Zone Music Awards at The House of Blues in New Orleans, and the Peace Song Awards in L.A.!

We will be there, so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! 


The B Company is a boutique PR & Marketing firm providing coaching, branding, publicity, marketing and campaign management

for artists and companies at every level of development, from start-ups to established entities;

we welcome clients from every culture across the globe!