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Don't miss the upcoming LIVE CONCERT tour from MICHAEL DULIN

in the Pacific Northwest,  April 9 - 17th! Click here for tickets and shows!


Our fantastic artists are bringing springtime to life with beautiful and uplifting new music such as the lush instrumentals and vocals on INAMORATA by David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks), the romantic sax-based Latin love songs from Rusty Crutcher's smooth jazz album ROMANCES LATINOS, the magical songs and ethereal vocals on Fiona Joy's first solo piano album, SIGNATURE - SOLO, and, our compilation



MEDIA REVIEW copies are available for all projects featured here at The B Company, just go to Contact Us.

The B Company is a boutique PR & Marketing firm providing coaching, branding, publicity, marketing and campaign management

for artists and companies at every level of development, from start-ups to established entities;

we welcome clients from every culture across the globe!

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