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2019 release. With hundreds of millions of streams to his credit, two Emmy awards, and a career spanning three decades, millions of people have been moved by the music of Michael Whalen. Beautiful. Relaxing. Engaging. Perfect for your daily practice, on your way to work or even to watch the sun go down. This music is the soundtrack to your life. Now, Michael has given us a collection of brand-new solo piano pieces on Cupid Blindfolded that will touch you, inspire you and make a difference in your life. Open your heart and your ears for the piano event of the year.


1. Cupid Blindfolded

2. All of My Heart All of My Soul

3. Reflection of My Affection

4. Sunrise in the Desert

5. The Muse

6. At the Touch of a Lover

7. Standing in the Rain

8. Serendipity

9. Isle of Skye

10. City of Lights



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Michael Whalen is a two-time Emmy® Award winning composer and music supervisor (with 8 nominations) who has worked in advertising, television, film and video games for over 30 years. Some of his best-known work: “Veronika Decides to Die” (2014), “What the Bleep Do You Know?”, “As The World Turns”, themes for HBO, CBS News, ABC News’ “Good Morning America”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, dozens of specials for PBS, National Geographic, Discovery, The BBC, NHK and the History Channel and television films for Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel. Michael is also an internationally known recording artist with 32 solo and soundtrack recordings to his credit. Well-known for his beautiful and thematic music, he performs when time allows. He has also produced and executive produced over 100 recordings for other artists. His work as a executive producer resulted in a Grammy Nomination in 2000.


As well as his music work, Michael is an expert on copyright law, music monetization and digital rights. He consults with major technology and music companies and mentors artists around the world. As a teacher, he has been an adjunct professor at NYU, The Berklee College of Music, The City College of NY and the Fashion Institue of Technology. Michael is also an author, thought leader on the future on digital copyrights and panelist at dozens of major conferences and festivals.





Michael Whalen Gets Back to Basics with Cupid Blindfolded


For the first time in 20 years, it’s just Michael,

his melodies and a magical piano.


Los Angeles, CA (July 5, 2019) -- Real Music and Solace jointly announce the forthcoming July 12th release of Cupid Blindfolded by award-winning composer and pianist Michael Whalen. With hundreds of millions of streams to his credit, two Emmy awards, and a career spanning three decades, people everywhere have been moved by Whalen’s emotive heart-based music. The captivating new release, Cupid Blindfolded, is his first solo piano album in 20 years, reflecting upon the importance of deep listening...to the music, and the meaning behind it...to each other...and to the truth in one’s own heart.  Relaxing and melodic, the title track will be released as a single on July 5th, followed by the album on July 12th on Solace, Whalen’s new sub-label under Real Music, a newly-acquired division of Cutting Edge Group.  Visit MichaelWhalen.com for more information and all music links.


Romantic, contemplative and dreamy, Cupid Blindfolded is a 10-song album filled with the gorgeous melodies and air that has made Whalen an internationally-celebrated recording artist and film composer. Recorded, mixed and mastered earlier this spring by Tom Eaton at Will Ackerman's Imaginary Road Studios, Cupid Blindfolded was recorded on the studio’s famed Steinway B in single, full takes without editing, while being simultaneously filmed by 6 cameras; Whalen debuted a mini-documentary called “The Making of Cupid Blindfolded” for his fans in May.


SoloPiano.com will host the Exclusive Worldwide Debut of “Cupid Blindfolded,” a multi-camera video of Whalen’s title track performance, on July 5th, which will correspond with the launch of the eponymous single and a fan-focused social media campaign on Instagram based on the fact that he is a “pianoless pianist” who enjoys playing random pianos in and around New York City on a regular basis; follow the campaign on Instagram.com/michael_whalen_music with hashtags #randompianos, #pianolesspianist and #CupidBlindfolded.


“Making this album is the fulfillment of a dream and it represents a wonderful new era for my music,” Whalen commented. “I am so excited about partnering with Real Music on Solace. Having my own imprint label is a dream come true. The name Solace says everything you need to know about the intention of the music. After decades of creating recordings and content on my own, I am so happy to have a team of great people to create with, collaborate with and plan the future with. Cupid Blindfolded is the first of some really exciting music we’ve planned. I can’t wait!”


“Cupid Blindfolded marks the inaugural release for Real Music since our acquisition of the label, and this record represents the highest standards of quality, sincere creativity, and boundary-shaping artistic merit that has made Real Music the home to the most beloved mindfulness music around the world,” says Darren Blumenthal, President of Real Music. “We are looking forward to a bright future with Michael as our newest recording artist, and equally await the new artist signings that he will develop and release on his new Solace/Real Music imprint.”


The New York Times once wrote, “Michael Whalen’s music echoes in your soul...” and his return to solo piano is already resonating with music writers. Kathy Parsons of MainlyPiano.com, who interviewed Whalen extensively in June, shared her opinion, writing “With his first purely solo piano album since 1999, Michael Whalen returns to his “unplugged” roots and pours his heart into every note. Cupid Blindfolded will certainly stand as one of the best albums of the year as well as one of the best piano albums of the decade.”


Cupid Blindfolded is available for purchase in physical and digital formats; it is on pre-sale now at Amazon, and will be available for streaming at Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Deezer and 200 other platforms worldwide on July 12, 2019.








“Cupid Blindfolded” is #1 on the New Age Music Guide