A new album by Grammy® nominee Al Conti holds the promise of transporting us to another place and time. The artist’s long-awaited sixth release, MYSTIC, carries us on a journey to the past on a bed of exotic sounds performed, composed and arranged by Conti, complemented by the brilliant talents of Charlee Brooks (David Arkenstone), Pamela Copus (2002), Ricky Kej and Jeff Pearce.


Ideal for creating a relaxing and meditative space, MYSTIC begins with the tolling of distant bells calling us to introspection. In addition to this dramatic title track, another eight compositions feature the captivating medieval sounds of chant, udu, hurdy gurdy, cittern, lutes, violins, lush electric guitars by Jeff Pearce, haunting harps by Pamela Copus (2002), and alluring ambient vocals from Charlee Brooks.


With this artful, sweeping blend, Conti leads us to explore the eternal while inspiring the mystic within us all to embrace our surroundings and live a conscious life.  Originally inspired by the life of 12th century mystic Hildegard von Bingen, Conti’s four-year quest to compose this work grew to include songs encompassing such themes as the Oracle at Delphi, the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela, and ancient rituals from the Temple of Diana. The artist shares his personal insights about each track in the compelling liner notes of the 8-panel digipak.  Walk the path of the mystic through medieval landscapes expertly crafted in this powerful album, a perfect addition to the Al Conti collection alongside Scheherazade, Northern Seas, The Blue Rose, and Poeta.



“Mystic is an album of sensual rhythms and romantic melodies, featuring an assortment of world music influences and brimming with ancient mystery, lush beauty, and infectious energy.”  – Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter.


"Mystic is deep and insightful work that can be grasped on many emotional and spiritual levels. While it can be enjoyed all the way through for its dual ability to relax and exhilarate, upon further careful listens, one comes to appreciate the artist’s incredible tapestry of textures." – Jonathan Widran


“Sweeping vistas of exotic places, defined through music, deeply move the soul. Each album Al creates embraces a whole new level of magnificence, and ‘Mystic’ transcends them all.”  – Diane Arkenstone, New Age recording Artist.


“Al Conti’s “Mystic” is an elegant and seamless landscape of shifting exotic textures, colors, and emotions. The production is immaculate: rich, clean, yet never overstated. There is a beautiful, sparkling, optimism to this music, an exotic world that sparkles and resonates with mystery, warmth and innocence.”  – Chris Spheeris, composer, recording artist.

All titles composed, arranged and performed by Al Conti.

“Pilgrimage” and “Devotion” loosely based on traditional music, arranged and adapted by Al Conti.

Additional programming and keyboards: Ricky Kej & Vanil Veigas.

Additional arrangements: Ricky Kej.

Monks choral and Charlee Brooks’ vocal arrangements: Al Conti.


Additional musicians:

Charlee Brooks: vocals (tracks 1, 9); Jeff Pearce: electric guitars (tracks: 1, 4, 5, 6, 9); Pamela Copus: harp (track 6); Jenevieve D’Silva: ghatam (tracks 1, 5), cajon (tracks 7, 8), assorted percussion (tracks 2, 4); Karthik K.: mridangam (track 1), tabla (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9); Butto: flute (tracks 1, 4); Ricky Kej: harmonium (track 2); Vanil Veigas: santoor (tracks 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9); Manoj George: violin (tracks 2, 3, 5); Varsha Kej: darbuka (track 8); Ganesh Mathur: esraj (track 9); The Oxford Court Monk Choir (track 1).


Recorded at:

Al Conti’s private studio in Atlanta, Georgia, USA;

Raveolution Studios, Bangalore, India;

Rusk Recording Studios, Hollywood, California, USA;

Galactic Playground Music, Plano, Texas, USA;

The Outer Circle Studio, West Point, Indiana, USA.


Engineers: Randy Copus, Ricky Kej, Jeff Pearce, Jill Tengan, Vanil Veigas. Mastered at: Raveolution Studios, Bangalore, India. Engineer: Vanil Veigas. Studio coordination and management (India): Varsha Kej. Produced by Al Conti. Associate Producer: Ricky Kej. Album package design: Shadowside Music. Al Conti’s personal manager: Kevin Manion. All songs © & r2016 Shadowside Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Artwork and packaging © & r2016 Shadowside Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP). All rights reserved.


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